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Therapist? I left school with not much in the way of qualifications. Thanks to the Open UniversityB.P.P. Law School, and Cardiff Law School I was able to involve myself in various fields that took my interest.

I had worked in retail, a multinational, been self-employed, in the building trade and in a couple of law firms mainly in and around London. Varied and interesting.

My journey to being a therapist (the A30)

Billy Smith Therapy City of London Traffic
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There came a time in 2009 when I rode out of London on my motorcycle heading west. I rang the office from Solstice Services and said I wasn’t coming back… and kept heading west.

A change was as good as a rest, in the west. I spent a couple of months thinking about what I’d really like to do. A little list was made: liked helping people; people who were facing challenges; talking. Help. Talk. Counselling and Therapy. Ta-Dah!


After enrolling on a Certificate in Advanced Counselling Studies course at Plymouth University I went on to the Diploma in Therapy and Counselling course, graduating as a Therapist in 2013.

Whilst training I was a coordinator and counsellor in a Cornwall Council / Camborne College joint venture. We offered counselling in children’s centres for parents and carers. Then I worked for SHARE, Cornwall Councils young persons counselling service. Next up KOOTH. Providing young people’s counselling and support service as an associate counsellor and support worker online. Then I then set up in private practice as a counsellor and therapist.

In training, we had to have therapy as part of the course. It was during therapy that I personally saw the value of ‘talking therapies’ addressing issues that I had been dancing around for years. There were also some startling revelations that made me realise how bogged down I had become in my attitudes and beliefs. I also discovered that some things I took responsibility for were not me and some I held others responsible for were. The therapy process was, and is, liberating. Therapy has given me insight into myself and my place in my experience.

Out into the world

Initially, I offered some counselling and therapy services online but this has expanded since the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, it addressed geographic limitations like the ‘therapist near me’ and ‘find a therapist near me’ questions. There are differences between online and face to face counselling. That’s not to say one is better than the other, they are different. Outcomes are comparable. It’s all down to what suits the client.

I believe everybody should have a safe place to engage, change and grow. A safe place where they are not going to be judged, where another person is going to try to ‘get’ where they are coming from and be straight with them. What’s discussed is confidential and will go no further, except in exceptional circumstances. Knowing this helps clients to be more open, feel and safe in therapy sessions.

If you’d like to change and grow come and have a chat.

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